December 24, 2011

Kailyn's awesome victory dance...

December 15, 2011

Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (Vol. VI ~ 2011)

There's excitement brewing in the air. An unexplained anticipation that you can almost taste. Everywhere you look people are preparing for the big event; bustling about in the most merry-iest of manners. In can only mean one thing... it's time once again for Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (Vol. VI ~ 2011)!

I'd like to begin this year's selection with a breakfast suite. Noah's ambition was without bounds this particular spring morning at The Mountain House in Boone, NCHis mood was a bit more down-to-business at Absolute Bagel in
New York CityThough it seems his enthusiasm returned in force with his plate of fried donuts at The Ram's Head Tavern (I'm pretty sure) in Annapolis, MDThroughout our travels we often have the privilege of sharing a meal with certain close confidantes. In this case, one Chris Miller lent his assistance with a dish of ice cream in Key West, FLMr Michael Hamilton arrived just in time for some Thai curried duck in Akron, OHBryce Carlberg and Tony Hernandez could only watch as Noah downed one of his classic plain cheeseburgers (with cheese)
here in Lexington, KYThe aforementioned Chris Miller was joined by the one and only Dana Billings to cheer Noah on with his hotdog at Casey's Diner in Natick, MABack to some solo shots... these gourmet potato chips came from none other than The Gourmet Chip Company in Asheville, NC (I know two pics from the same state is kind of cheating but we spent a lot of time in North Carolina this year)This next shot is pretty self explanatory: The Cookie Cabin on the top of Mt Lemmon, AZBut not every meal ends so well, such as this outing at a Denny's outside of Sacramento, CAThe "piece de resistance" was this delicious Ethiopian masterpiece, with plenty of injera of course, here in Denver, COI'd like to dedicate this final parting shot to all the unsung, unknown, undocumented but no less delicious meals that Noah has had on the road this past year...
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December 10, 2011

St Vincent, Paul Simon, Decemberists, Wilco

Here are a few of my favorite songs by a few of my favorite bands off of a few of my favorite albums of 2011...

December 09, 2011

Elk River Falls

Sorry about my lack of posting recently. Over Thanksgiving weekend GBT played for Turkey Twirl II in North Carolina. We had a really great weekend and got to hang out with some terrific folks. But then I left my camera and laptop at the hall and I just got them back. That's my story anyway. So here are some pics from our gang's little afternoon trip to Elk River Falls...
Me, Tracy, Logan, Systke, Jesse, Ian #1, Ian #2 and Noah