December 04, 2007

Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (2007)

That's right folks, it's time for my Annual Summary of the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand. Throughout the year, I've painstakingly monitored my brother's culinary inclinations and I am pleased to be able to submit my findings in this report. Warning: the following images contain graphic depictions of mastication by a teen. Viewer discrestion is advised.
We'll start out with this pic of Noah displaying a skewer of Shrimp, which he then proceeded to devour, at the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Pkwy in North Carolina.
In this image we see my brother indicating a (presumed) chicken quesidia, which he also then proceeded to devour, from a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.
With impeccable etiquette, Noah is here seen partaking of a roast bovine sub (with French Onion sause!) in Indianapolis, Indiana.
A delightful depiction of Noah enjoying(?) some Thai food in Seattle, Washington.
What better place to try a seafood pizza than Estes Park, Colorado?
Noah's all smiles with his pot pie and apple juice in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Nothing like chomping down on some fried catfish in Greenbrier, Arkansas. Don't be fooled by his demeanor, that was some mighty fine reindeer sausage he had in Homer, Alaska.
And finally, a candid shot of my dearest brother eating, um, well... I guess that would be a heaping spoonful of super sweet cream cheese from our all-time favorite restaurant The Tin Pan Galley right here in Sacket's Harbor, New York. This is a rare glimpse into Noah's most intimate, private and personal life... that is to say, he is, for once, actually NOT wearing his signature brown Adidas hat! Amazing, I know.

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