December 11, 2008

Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (Vol. III ~ 2008)

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for... my annual Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (Vol. III~ 2008). For those of you who are new to my blog; throughout the year I meticulously document my brother's culinary inclinations while we're on the road and I am very pleased to be able to publish my findings in this report. Warning: the following images contain graphic depictions of food being eaten by a teen. Viewer discretion is advised.

We'll start things off with this robust portrait of Noah engaging with a certain cornbread muffin at The Whitewater Whirl dance weekend in Beckwith, West ViginiaNoah seems a bit surprised by this tasty flat bread in Portland, OregonThis sandwich in Black Mountain, North Carolina was no laughing matterIt was a sad moment when Noah finished his breakfast buffet plate at the Pig Out BBQ in Little River, South CarolinaOur noble subject, chomping down on some deep fried alligator in Naples, FloridaEveryone has a dark, sinister side and Noah is no exception; here with his trecherous fruit loops somewhere in the wilds of VirginiaSome of the most exquisit clam chowder ever tasted by mortal tongue was in Keene, New HampshireThis distressing quesadilla was found in San Fransisco, CaliforniaNoah is the very embodiment of fine dining here with his beloved catfish carcass in Darien, Georgia (okay, to be fair... it was my catfish carcass)Lost in contemplation, our subject was barely aware of my presence (deffinitely not just trying to ignore me) as he partook of a cheeseburger club in Madison, ConnecticutAnd finally, a piercing glance through a piece of pizza in the greatest metropolis of them all... Manhattan, New York CityCheck out my Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand Vol. I ~ 2006 and Vol. II ~ 2007

And yes, he is still wearing the same hat.