March 19, 2008

OFB & Gypsy Meltdown

We got back a couple days ago from a great trip to North Carolina. First we played the always amazing Old Farmer's Ball in Asheville before heading to Lake Wylie (near Charlotte) and the Gypsy Meltdown dance weekend. Here are some pics:

Noah and I trying out some great instruments at the Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain, NCOld Farmer's Ball at Warren Wilson CollegeOur friends Margaret and Jaques (great to see you guys again!)My favorite flowers, fighting their way through the KudzuJonathan and Wes - our great sound guys for the weekendSaturday night dance

March 10, 2008

The Robots Return

This past weekend Giant Robot Dance returned to terrestrial existence for
The 5th Annual Syracuse Contra Prom!
You may be wondering... "What exactly is Giant Robot Dance?" Not to worry, there is a perfectly plausible non-paranormal explanation. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to go into particulars (national security is after all our number one priority) but, suffice to say that a team of highly trained specialists has been analyzing various data collected from the most recent incident and it has nothing to do with a highly infectious strain of contra dancing or the outlandishly-rocking music and bizarre fashion experiments reported from the area.

Andrew Marcus: accordion
Aaron Marcus: piano
Michael Ferguson: trombone
Yours Truly: electric guitar
Noah VanNorstrand: drums
More pics
On Wednesday we leave for the first of three trips to North Carolina this spring. Giant Robot Dance recored a demo over the weekend that we hope to make available for download soon. More on that later.

March 03, 2008

New Music Videos

Check out these new music videos! First, Good Day by Tally Hall

Second, Made In The Shade by The Red Stick Ramblers

Third, Sing Again by Chris Walla

It's a beautiful *early* spring day here in upstate New York. Snow and ice are melting, temps are probably low 40s. We had a great time in Michigan last weekend. Good folks, good food, good dancing. As many of you know, I'm a huge Chris Thile fan. Check out his new album with The Punch Brothers. It's really amazing stuff; I've been listening to it a ton lately. Looking forward to Contra Prom tomorrow night with my fellow Robots. Should be fun!