April 13, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I had a really nice weekend. On Friday and Saturday I got to sit in with Nor'easter for a couple dances in the area. Great to see Cedar and Max again. Check out their website if you get a chance. I hear an album might be in the works for later this summer. Speaking of new recording stuff, I dropped off the final duplication master of Rawr! (GBR CD006) with Pat yesterday. I'm so happy with how this project turned out. You can get a sneak peek of the first three songs on our Bandcamp site www.andrewandnoah.bandcamp.com Check it out! Noah, Dana and I are getting together to do some planning for the next A&N Band album next week. I know it's a pretty quick turn around between recordings but I'm so excited to be in the studio again with the band. Yesterday I met Jay and we did some birding around Cayuga Lake. Wonderful day with the obvious highlight being an amazing and totally unexpected MARBLED (frickin) GODWIT at Montezuma...
What an awesome bird! #325 I believe for New York State. We saw a bunch of other nice stuff and I added twenty or so new birds to my 2011 year list. This morning I played in church. It was a fun band; eight people and it wasn't too clunky. And Sarah made a couple delicious chicken pot pies for dinner. So, that's my weekend :-)

April 05, 2011

Chris & Kitkat: a love story

Once there was a boy named Chris. Chris loved traveling around playing his saxophone for people. But he was lonely. And even though he had lots of friends, nobody really understood him on the inside. Then, one day, at a gas station in North Carolina, he met someone very special...Kitkat and Chris were inseparable. They had so much in common. Sometimes they would go to the park and talk for hours together about the meaning of life...Or go see a movie...Or visit historical jazz landmarks...Chris and Kitkat loved sharing a beer sampler now and then...And they bonded over their mutual fanatic devotion to international folk-music superstars Andrew & Noah... stalking their merch table, buying dozens of identical copies of their albums and signing up for their mailing list over and over again...What could be sweeter than two soul-mates enjoying a little
sax on the beach?And they say that, somewhere out there in this big old world we live in, Chris and Kitkat are still together, living life to the fullest, cherishing every moment together, riding the wheel off into the sunset. THE END.

Southeast Tour... almost done!

Well folks, Chris, Noah and I are are nearing the end of our big southeast spring tour. We've had 20 shows in 21 days so far. Chris heads back to NYC on Thursday but Noah and I are meeting mom in Richmond for the Springforth Dance Weekend before finally flying home next week. It'll be just a couple days shy of a month on the road. Things have gone really well though. We had a couple sets at The Suwannee Springfest in Live Oak, FL. Awesome festival; lots of great music. A few cool bands I'd never heard before: Surprise Me Mr. Davis, The Holy Ghost Tent Revival, The Galen Kipar Project. And Tornado Rider's live show was pretty awesome I gotta say. David Grisman's current lineup was pretty decent, Donna The Buffalo was great, nice to catch a few songs from Jesse McReynold's set of Jerry Garcia covers. Festival highlight for me was Danny Barnes... electric banjo and drums... hillbilly punk blues... AMAZING!!! Then there was some absolutely terrible jam-grass that I never need to be reminded of as long as I live. But all in all we had a great time. We've been filling the days with lots of dances and house concerts. Having fun, seeing friends. People have been really supportive and generous. Can't wait to go home though. Sarah and I have been watching old X Files together recently online. I'm almost done with season two. What a great show! Aliens and monsters and cover ups. Just saw this really freaky one about a cannibalistic town in Arkansas. Oh, hey... speaking of freaky... want to see some pics of these iguanas we saw down in the keys?And this is a pretty cool pic of an alligator...And this is a piece of pancake shaped like a whale (thanks Dana)...