April 28, 2008

Yoda on my mind

Sarah and I have been re-watching the whole Star Wars series with our friend Dan Culotta. It's been really fun. For episodes I - III we had to fast forward through all the slow parts, sappy parts, awkward attempts at being romantic parts, dialog in general and pretty much any scene that showed Hayden Christensen's face for more than a couple seconds. But now we're on to the good movies. Over the weekend we made it all the way through Hoth in episode V. I've got to admit I've always been a bit of a Star Wars fan. Nothing crazy or anything. It's just a great story with really memorable characters. Wookies are just so cool! I hope we can finish up with episode VI before I leave on Friday. Anyway, just thought I'd share. May the force be with you!

April 25, 2008

Busy weekend

This is a very busy weekend. Sarah and I have a ton stuff to do and barely enough time to run from one thing to the next. So naturally I need to take a few moments and blog about it all :-)

Our weekend started on Tuesday really. We met with Jeff and Krista Parrett in DeWitt for some pre-marital counseling. Then I drove back to Fulton. Wednesday I had a quick afternoon gig in Oswego and taught a guitar lesson in the evening, then drove back to Manlius. Thursday Sarah and I drove to Ithaca first thing in the morning. She had classes until 2:30 PM so I walked around the Lab of O and Sapsucker Woods for a while. Then we met with Laurie Hart and Stefan Ohlstrom and picked out some Swedish music for the wedding. Then we drove back to Manlius and went out for dinner in Cazenovia to celebrate our anniversary. Four years together! I am so lucky. Anyway, today is pretty full too. We're going to get our marriage license around 12:00 PM I think. After that I drop Sarah off at work in Mattydale and drive back to Fulton for a couple hours. Then I drive back to North Syracuse where we meet with the cake lady (I really should find out what her name is) at 3:30 PM. Tonight Sarah's calling a dance for some SU students near Westcott and John and I will be playing the music. Tomorrow we've got quite a bit of shopping to do in Syracuse (shoes for me, ties for the groomsmen, other stuff, maybe favors for guests - I can't remember) then I drive all the way to Oswego for a gig with Chestnut Grove at 8:00 PM. But I'll have to drive back to Manlius after the show for church on Sunday. Then Sunday afternoon is Sarah's bridal shower so I think I'll go see dad's play at the fairgrounds. Sunday night maybe we can relax a bit but on Monday morning we meet with our pastor to go over the results of this personality survey we took a few weeks ago. Then I'll probably drive back to Fulton but I'll have to come down at least once more for pre-marital counseling again on Tuesday evening. The reason we have to do all of this now is that I'll be leaving for another 10 day trip to West Virginia and North Carolina next Friday. Plus, Sarah will be graduating in a couple weeks and she's got papers, finals, tests, and all manner of hoops to jump through in her spare time.

You know, I try not to get in a habit of saying that my life is crazy busy all the time. Because it's not really. I've got a somewhat unusual job that requires me to travel and keep strange hours (and stranger company) but it's pretty manageable most of the time. It's just a pet peeve of mine when people always say that their lives are insanely, out of control, running around with their heads cut off busy *all the time.* If your life is really that crazy *all the time* then you should probably do something to simplify it. Or at least don't complain about it to me. All that said... I kind of feel like I'm running around with my head cut off because my life is so out of control crazy busy that I think I'm going insane and I just had to complain about it to all of you because I can't keep my feelings bottled up inside any longer..................

Whew, that feels better. Okay, I should probably get going now.
Wish us luck!

April 23, 2008

Mark Knopfler!!!

Yesterday Sarah and I got tickets to see Mark Knopfler in Philadelphia on July 26th! We are so excited! For those of you who don't know, he was the front man in Dire Straits (British classic rock band) and is one of the best guitarists and songwriters of all time. His solo career over the past ten years has been phenomenal. One of my absolute favorite albums is Shangri-La (released in 2004) but almost everything Knopfler does is worth listening too. He's going to be in Syracuse on July 20 but we're going to be at Grey Fox that whole weekend. Anyway, check out his website for more details on the tour and lots of other stuff.

April 17, 2008

More pics of me...

Goodbye curls

So, with my wedding coming up in just over five weeks and the subsequent, unavoidable wedding pictures that are sure to permeate my every earthly desk, wallet, mantel and screen saver for all eternity, I decided it was time the fury creature that's been living on my head for the past few months and I went our separate ways, for the time being. I sure am gonna miss the little guy... isn't he just so adorable?

April 16, 2008

Snail Kite pics

One of the best birds of the trip was this beautiful adult Snail Kite, seen near Shark Valley. Check out the video clips at the bottom!

Florida & NC III (birds)

Now some birds. Let's start out with one everyone should know. This very photogenic Brown Pelican was at Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico.I found this White-crowned Pigeon just outside the Everglades near Homestead. Kind of a lousy photo but a nice bird.We hiked the famous Snake Bight Trail down to Florida bay where we found (among other things) this beautiful Tricolored Heron.This is a Common Myna. They've been introduced to southern Florida from Asia. I guess it's not really countable but I loved watching this bird.One of my favorite birds of the trip; this super cute Common Ground-Dove was on Sanibel Island.These last two photos are of Roseate Spoonbills.

Florida & NC II (non-birds)

Okay, how about some people pictures...
Here we are on Sanibel Island
We got to spend a nice afternoon with our friends the Jewels at their farm. Kelly made us a great stew; our first home cooked meal in many days! We also got to meet a few of their many pets including Funny the Goat. And of course that's the one and only, inexhaustible P.D. Midgett on the right in the picture. Thanks for everything guys!
Chris, Bob and Elaine. I love to go out birding with Bob. We went out again this year for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in the Green Swamp area. Good luck with the woodpeckers but those tricky Bachman's Sparrows evaded me again. Oh, I forgot this was supposed to be a non-bird post. Sorry...
Rudy and Edith Deeg - friends of the family for longer than I've been around. Good to see you again!
Mom with Aunt Jane on Kure Beach near Wilmington, NC.

Florida & NC I (non-birds)

Wow, I guess it's been almost a month since my last post! Sorry about that. We got back about a week ago from a very nice (but also very long) trip to Florida and North Carolina. I'll start out with some scenery pics...