December 21, 2009

Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (GUEST EDITION! Vol. IV ~ 2009)

Tis the season folks... our annual Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand. Let's get things going here with a classic cheeseburger and fries in the fair city of Washington DC But wait, what's this? There's been a new development... it appears that the lovely and talented miss Kailyn Wright has entered the fray! Here she is, helping herself to a bit of Indian curry in Oklahoma City, OK And what do you know? It looks like mom's sampling some of the delicious breakfast spread down in Tampa, FLOf course Dave isn't far behind in the breakfast department with his hearty bowl of oatmeal in Homer, AKSarah's contribution: this extremely tasty veggie panini courtesy of some hole-in-the-wall in downtown Montreal, QC
Ohhh... what can I say... I love my Cholula! This breakfast burrito was consumed by yours truly at The Cowboy Cafe in Wickenburg, AZ
Well, I hope you've enjoyed this Guest Edition of Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand. I'll try and be more stringent with next year's report. In the meantime please feel free to refresh yourself with ROTDHONV Volumes I (2006), II (2007) and III (2008). One final parting shot of our fine subject, heartily endorsing some kind of Venezuelan dish at an eatery in Elkins, WV