August 08, 2008

Sweet Sunny Summertime

Hi folks. So, another quick summer update post. Things have been good here. Had a fairly quiet week compared to the past couple months. Mowed the lawn, ran errands, watched some movies. I think we'll be moving into our new little house soon and I'm also considering buying a new violin. Exciting stuff! Here are some recent pics.
The unquestionable highlight of Grey Fox for me was watching Dan pour Dial soap on his pancake, thinking it was maple syrup. He spent the rest of the morning licking his shirt. Man, was that ever funny :-)Here's my current favorite snack food endorsement: Garden of Eatin' corn chips. They are sooooo good! I got hooked on them during our honeymoon in Maine. Yum!Good Noah. Easy Noah. Whoa there. Let's not get carried away, okay? Noah??????This is a picture of my personal instructor liaison at Augusta. I gave her pretty high marks on my evaluation sheet.