March 12, 2012


Our last stop was one of our favorites... three days at Savegre Mountain Lodge in the Talamanca highlands. Gardens, hummingbird feeders, trails, great food and a commitment to long-term sustainability. The lodge is just up the hill from the Savegre River and the entire valley was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Seriously cool place...Hiking in the oak forests above the lodgeOur 300th bird of the trip: SILVER-THROATED TANAGERYup, I do believe that's a YELLOW-THIGHED FINCHOur much-anticipated TORRENT TYRANNULETAnd my best looks ever at AMERICAN DIPPERRUFOUS-COLLARED SPARROW
After a long hike in the rain, we were rewarded with wonderful looks at what many folks consider to be the most beautiful bird in the world, a male RESPLENDENT QUETZAL