March 12, 2012

COSTA RICA VI: Hummingbirds

And just cause there wasn't quite room in my last post, here are some hummingbird pics from Savegre and a place called Paraiso Quetzal. We'll start off with the super tiny SCINTILLANT HUMMINGBIRDMAGNIFICENT HUMMINGBIRDWHITE-THROATED MOUNTAIN-GEMGREEN VIOLETEARFIERY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRDThe Fiery-throated Hummingbird was our last new bird. We had a total of 325 species for the trip with an incredible 240 life birds bringing my World List up to 840. We arranged our trip through a company called Costa Rica Gateway. They were wonderful folks to work with; they made all our reservations and provided all our transportation. Plus Kevin Easley knows the birds in Costa Rica like nobody else. If any of you are considering going to Costa Rica and would like more details about the places we went and what we say just send me an email. Pura Vida!