February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey everyone. Wanted to get in a quick update before Sarah and I head off to Costa Rica. So excited about the trip!!! Been doing online bird quizzes everyday. Trying to cram in a little more uber-rudimentary Spanish. Deciding what to bring, going over our itinerary, etc. Can't believe we're really going. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy...

Anyway, the last few weeks have been busy but really nice. Shows in Ottawa, Montreal, Cambridge, etc. We're sending the new album off to be duplicated tomorrow I believe! Gave the master a couple final listens and we're ready to sign off. This album has been a ten-month long process and I'm just so happy to be done. We also got some new (and long overdue) band press pics...Nice, right? These were taken by our friend Angela Goldberg. She's done a lot of great work and I think she's got a couple shows coming up. Check out her website here.

On a sad note, we had to say goodbye to our dear, mellow, many-toed friend Django the cat. We miss him very much. Abby's doing okay but we're all still adjusting a little bit. The vet was terrific and the whole thing was actually pretty peaceful. RIP Django.

It's February which means I start to get just a little stir crazy and want to change a whole bunch of stuff. That usually translates to a haircut...AND it's Valentine's Day! Much love to the wonderful woman in my life. Can't imagine what I'd do without you honey. I know for many of us this can be a blue time of year so if you're feeling down check out this video made my cousins at Slickepott All Natural Chocolate Fudge Sauce...

I sure hope Hannah gets some fudge sauce soon! That's all for now folks. Wish us luck in the rainforest!