February 19, 2008

Oregon... Warm & Sunny!?

Hey, guess what. This is my 100th post! Got back last night from a really nice weekend in Corvallis, Oregon. We had beautiful weather every day. Warm, sunny, very spring-like. Got to see a few old friends and met a bunch of new ones. Sorry about the delay... here are some pics...

February 04, 2008

Social Networkings and A Trip To The Zoo

Today went by so fast. I know I slept in a little this morning but still... seems like lunch was half an hour ago. Hey, isn't our Snocap MyStore nifty?! Works pretty much just like iTunes but I can put it all over the web. I've been trying to increase my social networkings lately. It's all about interconnectedness. Synergetic, infomatic, widgetastic, cross-pollinationization. I've got more profiles than I can remember passwords for. But don't just take my word for it. Check out our copious links on the right. Anyway, things have been good here. Sarah and I bought our wedding rings the other day! Very exciting. We also found really nice invitations and Sarah got her bridesmaid's dresses ordered. We're trying to get as much of this stuff taken care of now as we can before our spring schedule really kicks in. Not a whole lot of time for birding lately but I did see several Red Crossbills at Sarah's bird feeders over the weekend. So I guess that's about it. I'll leave you with some pics of our recent trip to the Syracuse Zoo. It was quite a lot of fun. They had all of the scariest animals: lions, tigers, bears and naked mole rats. The penguins were great. So was the snow leopard. But we missed the elephants and I'm pretty sure the crocodiles were either dead or made of plastic. Tough to tell really.