April 05, 2011

Chris & Kitkat: a love story

Once there was a boy named Chris. Chris loved traveling around playing his saxophone for people. But he was lonely. And even though he had lots of friends, nobody really understood him on the inside. Then, one day, at a gas station in North Carolina, he met someone very special...Kitkat and Chris were inseparable. They had so much in common. Sometimes they would go to the park and talk for hours together about the meaning of life...Or go see a movie...Or visit historical jazz landmarks...Chris and Kitkat loved sharing a beer sampler now and then...And they bonded over their mutual fanatic devotion to international folk-music superstars Andrew & Noah... stalking their merch table, buying dozens of identical copies of their albums and signing up for their mailing list over and over again...What could be sweeter than two soul-mates enjoying a little
sax on the beach?And they say that, somewhere out there in this big old world we live in, Chris and Kitkat are still together, living life to the fullest, cherishing every moment together, riding the wheel off into the sunset. THE END.