April 16, 2008

Florida & NC II (non-birds)

Okay, how about some people pictures...
Here we are on Sanibel Island
We got to spend a nice afternoon with our friends the Jewels at their farm. Kelly made us a great stew; our first home cooked meal in many days! We also got to meet a few of their many pets including Funny the Goat. And of course that's the one and only, inexhaustible P.D. Midgett on the right in the picture. Thanks for everything guys!
Chris, Bob and Elaine. I love to go out birding with Bob. We went out again this year for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in the Green Swamp area. Good luck with the woodpeckers but those tricky Bachman's Sparrows evaded me again. Oh, I forgot this was supposed to be a non-bird post. Sorry...
Rudy and Edith Deeg - friends of the family for longer than I've been around. Good to see you again!
Mom with Aunt Jane on Kure Beach near Wilmington, NC.