October 02, 2009

Ten albums I really like - Part I

Recently a friend asked me to recommend some good music. Kind of a weighty request and I've put it off for a while now. But I've finally decided to give it a try. First of all, a couple parameters... these are all more-or-less "modern" recordings (within the last 15-ish years I think) and all at least vaguely folk/trad/world music oriented (ieno Death Cab For Cutie, no DMB or Flaming Lips, no vintage swing or early bluegrass). I'm going to start with some of my favorite bands so great singer/songwriters (Gillian Welch, Mark Knopfler for example) and fantastic solo musicians (like Liz Carroll, Bela Fleck, Martin Taylor) are also excluded. What are your favorites?

Ale Moller Band - BodjalNickel Creek - Why Should The Fire Die?Solas - SolasHedningarna - TraBerroguetto - 10.0Tin Hat Trio - The Rodeo ErodedThe Freight Hoppers - Waiting On The Gravy TrainLunasa - The Merry Sisters Of FateThe Red Stick Ramblers - Right Key, Wrong KeyholeVasen - Gront