November 18, 2009

Tidings of Cactus & Canyon

Hi folks. Sorry this is such a late post. Noah and I have been hard at work on the new album ever since we got back from our Arizona / California trip. All the basic tracks are done and we've just got a few final overdubs and edits before we move on to mixing. Anyway, things have been good here. Last night Sarah and I made a really tasty veggie pizza. Eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, onion and mushrooms! Seems like a nice day today. It looked cool outside this morning with all the frost. I'm in a pretty good mood overall. GBT plays in Colorado this weekend but it's just a short out-n-back kinda trip. Oh, and I think I'm having dinner with dad tonight. Okay... now let me see if I can pick out some pics from AZ.

This was my first visit to a "real" desert and I absolutely loved it
That's Vulture Peak in the backgroundWhile staying in the Flagstaff area we visited the ancient cliff dwellings at Walnut CanyonPassing through Sedona we made a stop at Ye Olde UFO StoreA beautiful hike in Oak Creek CanyonOn our last day in Arizona we woke up early and drove up to see the sunrise at THE canyon... what an amazing experience!