May 24, 2011


Made it back Monday night from an epic weekend! Giant Robot Dance and Perpetual eMotion played in NYC on Friday and Saturday with Will Mentor and Nils Fredland. That was CONTRASHOCK. Then on Sunday we all drove down to Glen Echo, MD and met up with Swallowtail for the ultimate finale: CONTRASTOCK. The whole thing was crazy, exhausting, ridiculous and awesome!

One of the really surreal parts of the weekend was playing in The NYC Dance Parade. Ballroom dancers, ballet dancers, belly dancers, hip-hop dancers, tons of different ethnic dancers, zumba dancers, stilt dancers, at least one pole dancer AND... contra dancers! Giant Robot Dance and Perpetual eMotion both piled on to a flatbed trailer pulled by PeM's awesome old Volvo with a kicking solar powered sound system!
Before the parade... Dan and Noah tying down the drum setGetting things set up... just don't forget about Michael...GRD's horn section on Saturday nightSarah, Paul and Stacy (where is your hand Stacy?)Dan, me and ChrisThe Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo ParkThe 14-piece all band jam at the end... and then... Nils...
Thanks to MJ for this pic