May 12, 2011

Come To The Groove!

I apologize for the skimpy posting lately. Need to get my little camera fixed. Things have been good here for the most part. I was really sick last week which was a bummer. Fever, major sore throat, etc. But I started feeling better on the weekend and I'm doing great now. We've been getting busy with preparations for THE GREAT BEAR GROOVE DANCE WEEKEND! Coming up soon! For any of you folks who are thinking about coming we made this little video especially for you...

We've also dived right in on our next recording project. Rehearsals have been going really well and we have studio time booked starting in June! More on that later. But spring has finally caught on here. Sarah planted our onions a couple days ago. The garden is looking terrific. I had year bird #200 this morning: a nice male Magnolia Warbler. Might be able to get out a bit more next week. I guess that's all for now :-)