December 17, 2010

Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (Vol. V ~ 2010)

Ladies and gentlemen... the moment you've all been waiting for... the most highly-anticipated event of the year... I give you... Reflections on the Dietary Habits of Noah VanNorstrand (Volume 5 ~ 2010)! It's been a wild 12 months since our last report and you'll all be pleased to know that my dear brother has not gone hungry while on the road this year.

Noah seems pretty pleased with himself and his chimichanga here in central TexasThis breakfast panini could barely contain it's prodigious mushroomy goodness at The Green Salmon in Yachats, ORThe first in a trilogy of burgers, Noah was in high spirits here at Flo's Cafe in Grand Coulee, WAThe mood was more apprehensive for this late night run to a Steak 'N Shake in Atlanta, GAAnd by the time we reached The Haunted Hamburger in Jerome, AZ things had gotten down right spooky!Nothing that a little vinegar pie at The Look Out on Clinch Mountain, TN couldn't fixNoah was pretty fascinated by his dish (pineapple curry perhaps?) at Thai Siam in Salt Lake City, UTI was honored to capture this emotional moment when Noah was reunited with his favorite teriyaki tuna in Rollings, MT (special thanks to the Gustafsons!)The Asian-chicken salad at The Main Street Cafe in Berea, KY was no laughing matterAn angelic pot-luck brunch in Lawrence, KS was the location of this stunning portrait This apple-hummus-veggie sandwich came from Noonie's Deli in Middlebury, VT and it was really delicious but Noah wouldn't know because he would only pose with it (dweeb)
Now those of you who are familiar with this annual summary know that I do not shy away from the graphic, gory details of my dear brother's culinary explorations. I have prided myself on taking a journalistic approach, fair and balanced, detached, almost scientific at times. But occasionally a man cannot help but be shaken to the very core. On our recent trip to Louisiana... I have seen things no man should see. Such flavors, such sauces, such unbridled appetite. The way he would look at a bowl of jambalaya. The gumbo dripping off his chin. It was just too much to bear. I can not bring myself to to describe... the internet can not handle images of this intensity. So I must leave this final entry to your rampant imaginations...

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