December 10, 2010


Soooooo..... Noah, Sarah and I just wrapped up a couple terrific days in New York City. We played a couple shows, hung out with friends, tried not to spend all of our money. Actually got in some nice birding as well. Here's my little report...

December 6 - Sarah and I drove out to Sunken Meadows State Park on Long Island and we easily relocated New York State's first HERMIT WARBLER (Life Bird); a lovely fall female that had been found just a few days before. We both had terrific, point-blank looks at the bird as it hopped around on the lawn. I took a couple crumby pics before my camera batteries went dead. It was very cold and windy so we didn't stay terribly long. We weren't able to find the reported Loggerhead Shrike at Jones Beach but we did see a juvenile GREAT CORMORANT (State Bird) near Robert Moses State Park. Our luck continued the next day, December 7, when we ventured into Central Park and saw the well-staked out VARIED THRUSH (State Bird) next to the restrooms in the northeast corner of the Ramble. The bird was very cooperative and we had wonderful looks.

Yeah, yeah, I know... nice birds, good for you, whatever weirdo... and usually I can spice up the rest of these posts with some humorous pictures of Noah doing something, or eating something, or... something. Well, as you may have gathered, my camera died and I didn't get new batteries until yesterday :-( So just more boring text for you all this time around. But we did have a great time. Played a couple shows with Chris and Dana. Also had Chris's friend Shawn sit in with us on bass. We made a couple visits to the amazing and awe-inspiring Vanessa's Dumpling House on the Lower East Side. Unreal! We ordered all the food we could eat and then some for like $10. Dumplings were great but the sesame pancakes... that's where it's at! Kind of got carried away with this place a bit. Anyway, we walked around a bunch on Monday, did a little Christmas shopping. Spent some time at Housing Work's Bookstore and Cafe. They had a great selection of used books, music and other stuff. And it's a good cause. Got myself a Lyle Lovett album for the road. And we re-watched one of my absolute all-time favorite movies ever The Royal Tenenbaums. I just so love that movie. Luke Wilson is awesome. I think I identify most with Ben Stiller's character though. Anyway, it was a fun stay. We played in Priceton on Wednesday and Philadelphia last night. Tonight I get to go dancing in Glen Echo to Sarah's calling and the fabulous Glen Echo open band. And then we play Bethlehem on Saturday. I need to finish up my Christmas shopping when I get home. And put up our tree! And work on the new GBT album with mom and Noah. Hmm, yeah. Okay, gotta run.