February 02, 2010

Awesome New Coat and more

It's been a fairly cold winter here in upstate New York. Things warmed up a bit last week but got very cold again over the weekend. I'm staying warm though in my brand new coat! Here's the story:

I bought an awesome new coat a couple weeks ago because I lost both my other coats. I would bring my coats with me but not wear them. My awesome new coat is green and warm and fuzzy on the inside, water repellent on the outside, it's totally awesome and was on sale... everything a coat should be! Then I relapsed into my old habit of bringing my awesome new coat with me but not wearing it. Then I LOST my awesome new coat and was totally bummed. But then my awesome wife FOUND my awesome new coat and now I'm happy again. The end.

Okay, that should bring you up to speed. So for Sarah's birthday last week we went out with our friend Dan for Indian food at our favorite place: Sahota Palace in Liverpool. Dan had never had Indian before but it got his stamp of approval.
Giant Robot Dance was out on the loose last weekend down near Baltimore, MD for the MidWinter Ball. We had a great time reuniting with our old colleagues R2-D2, Bender, The Robot from Lost In Space, Seven Of Nine and of course, our friend and mentor, Optimus Prime...