January 04, 2010

Petits Toasts

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great holiday season. I got home last night from another wonderful weekend at Ashokan. Sarah and I spent Christmas day with Beck, Anna, Alan and Gretchen; it was so much fun to just relax and be home for once. Sarah got me an awesome present... cheese! A whole selection of different cheeses; some we'd tried before but some were totally new. And what could possibly go better with special fancy-shmancy cheese than Petits Toasts?! They're so cute and French and tasty. I think the Stilton has been our favorite so far but they've all been good. So what else has been going on here... oh, I went to see Avatar last week. Wow! Pretty darn frickin wild movie. We tried to see it in 3D but we couldn't make it to any of the showings. It was still amazing in regular old-fashioned 2D. Is that what regular movies are in? 2D? I never really figured that out. Anyway, this afternoon we're having a little bachelor party type thing for Noah. Sledding, pizza (plus Fritos and Reeses) and Sherlock Holmes. Their (Noah and Kailyn's) big day is coming right up on Friday! So now I'll have six sisters I think. That's cool! Or maybe it's seven. Not sure what my relationship with Dad's wife's daughter's partner is exactly. Tomorrow I head back down to Ithaca for some final mix stuff and mastering with Will and Dana. And I'm supposed to start working on album/website artwork stuff too. I'm a bit behind on booking stuff for the summer so I'll need to get busy with that as well. So I better be going. Take care... I wish you all the very best in this new decade!