May 01, 2010

Birding: May 1

Terrific day of birding around Oswego County. Lots of FOS birds for me with the obvious highlight being an adult GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER at Sunset Bay Park up on Lake Ontario. Derby Hill was also great with many hundreds (if not thousands... glad I wasn't counting!) of Broad-winged Hawks and an assortment of other raptors: one dark-morph Rough-legged Hawk, several Bald and one Golden Eagle, one Peregrine Falcon, many Osprey, Red-tailed and Sharp-shinned Hawks, etc. Final total for the day: 87!

This month I'm trying to fill in some holes on my New York State list. Here are my main targets:

Roseate Tern
Cory's Shearwater
Greater Shearwater
Manx Shearwater
Black Rail
**Curlew Sandpiper
Monk Parakeet
Barn Owl
American Three-toed Woodpecker
Bicknell's Thrush
Yellow-breasted Chat
Saltmarsh Sparrow

Ross's Goose
Barrow's Goldeneye
Northern Bobwhite
Spruce Grouse
Eared Grebe (bvd)
Northern Fulmar
Sooty Shearwater
Wilson's Storm-Petrel
Great Cormorant
Little Blue Heron
Tricolored Heron
Cattle Egret
Yellow-crowend Night-Heron
Black Vulture
Clapper Rail
Piping Plover
American Oystercatcher
Marbled Godwit
Laughing Gull
Least Tern
Gull-billed Tern
Forster's Tern
Royal Tern
Black Skimmer
Black Guillemot
Western Kingbird
White-eyed Vireo
Boreal Chickadee
Yellow-throated Warbler
Worm-eating Warbler (bvd)
Kentucky Warbler
Henslow's Sparrow
Seaside Sparrow
Summer Tanager
Blue Grosbeak
Boat-tailed Grackle