April 14, 2010

Adventures in Oregon

What a great week it's been! Last weekend GBT played for Cascade Contras which is this great camp put on by the people at The Eugene Folklore Society. Lots of friends, food, music and dancing. Before camp we played a house concert hosted by Bo and Diane. Wonderful folks; they took very good care of us while we were there.
The view from Sky Camp
Mom doing what she does best
George and Randy cranking out tunes
After camp Noah and I hung out with the Gustafson family for a couple days. Among the many awesome things we did was visit the now infamous salamander pond...
Sooooooo cool...
Our guides... Sage and Tara
Yesterday we decided (fairly spontaneously) to go and visit the coast. What an awesome day...
Thanks so much to Pam, Scott (not pictured in case you were wondering), Sage and Tara for a totally amazing day!