October 22, 2008

A few things on my mind...

Number One: Stuff Smith This guy has totally rocked my world. I've never heard the violin swing so hard... it's truly amazing. Every freakin' note! Plus, I really like his hat. Check him out here.

Number Two: Orson Scott CardScience fiction isn't usually my first choice for reading material but I've gotten sucked in to the whole Ender's Game saga and I just can't stop reading it. Cool stuff.

Number Three: VeggiesI've been thinking that I really should make fruits and vegetables a bigger part of my diet. After all, meat is kind of expensive and often makes me feel lousy afterward. For a long time I thought every meal needed a dead animal to be complete. Bacon and sausage for breakfast, ham or turkey for lunch, chicken or beef for dinner. Seems kind of ridiculous. Sarah made this great vegetable curry dish over the weekend; it helps when your wife is a great cook. I'm hardly a vegetarian but I'm going to give the burgers a break for a while anyway.

Number Four: Harvey PekarLike sci-fi and veggies, comic books aren't usually my thing either. But tonight Sarah and I watched the American Splendor movie with Paul Giamati and we both really liked it. You know I've been thinking, all I'm really into is birds and music. This blog is called "Birds & Music" because that's pretty much all I know anything about. I and don't even know that much either. It's just fascinating though that people can be interested in soooooo many different things. And when you are interested in something and begin to learn more about it, the only thing you find is how much you don't know. I've never heard of Harvey Pekar before. Never. I don't know a thing about comic books. But apparently they're incredibly important to tons of people out there. I start to think that I'm just really narrow minded because all I do is play music and watch birds. So I try and learn something about something I don't know anything about. And it's always fun and I always enjoy learning new stuff. But then I guess you do what you love and you love what makes you happy. And music and birds make me happy. They aren't the only things that make me happy of course. There's my beautiful wife, my friends and family, ultimately Christ's love for me is the major kicker. Just some stuff I've been thinking about.
The other news is that Noah and I had a great rehearsal this past weekend with our friend Rachel Bell on accordion and Kailyn singing harmonies. I think some of our new material is pretty strong... we'll see what happens!