July 10, 2007

Catching Up

Hello. Hope you're all doing well and keeping cool this week. It hasn't been easy. This is another one of those vague, generalized, bring-you-up-to-speed-on-my-life posts. Things are really good for the most part. I had a wonderful time at Western & Swing Week at Ashokan. Got to hang out with The Redstick Ramblers a fair bit which is always fun. The past week has been unusually quiet. Just not a whole lot going on right now. But that's okay I guess. Last night I went out and heard a couple Whip-poor-wills calling on Roosevelt Road. #304! So I have a hit list of summer birds I still need to get:
1) Golden-winged Warbler
2) Orchard Oriole
3) Common Nighthawk
4) Least Bittern
Those are the most pressing. Hopefully I'll get a decent handful of new birds in Colorado this September. Anyway, let's see... oh, I'm still making my way through Lord of the Rings for the second time. What great books! Just finished Two Towers yesterday and I started ROTK this morning. Also looking forward to some new Harry Potter craziness this summer. That's pretty much it for now I guess. This week is again, pretty quiet. But Grey Fox should be lots of fun and Ashokan Northern Week right after that. I'm going to go jump in the pool now. Bye!