May 16, 2007

North, to Alaska... the rush is on

Okay, this is it. We leave in a couple hours for our long-awaited Washington / Alaska trip! GBT plays a couple dances in Seattle on Thursday and Friday nights. Then on Saturday we fly to Anchorage. I think we spend four or five days in Homer, AK (on the coast) birding, sightseeing, hiking, appreciating the local culture (oh, who am I kidding... just BIRDING!!!) before playing at the aptly named Dancing Bears Dance Camp in Wasilla, AK (north of Anchorage). We'll be gone about two weeks I think. My North American year list is currently at 239 so my goal is to break 300 on this trip. Farthest west I've been so far was Texas; this will be totally different from anything I've done before. I have been looking forward to this trip for months. I'll take lots of pictures; posting again in June probably. Wish us luck!