May 03, 2007

Spring Things

Sorry about the lack of postings for the past few weeks. Things have been going great here. I've been birding a lot lately but I'll leave that for another post. Let's see, I'll post some pics I guess.

After many long, lonely, heart-wrenching years of separation, Noah was reunited with the tattered remains of what may have once been a pair of sneakers he left at a house in Philadelphia back in 2005.

Larry, Eden and Sam - Notorious to say the least. We got to hang out with these fine folks at the Dandelion Romp in Oberlin, OH.

Last week was the Fourth Annual Syracuse Contra Prom!

Noah and I once again joined forces with the Marcus brothers and Michael Ferguson to form our very fun, high-energy, extremely loud alter-ego band Giant Robot Dance. We even have mascots now! You never know what's going to happen at Contra Prom. It can get pretty crazy...