April 05, 2007

The Sweet, Sunny South - Part II

As some of you may know, I get a kick out of funny signs. These are a few that caught my eye on the road in the southeast...
"Sounds like you've had great experience in not speaking English."

Not so much of a command as it is a statement.

"Hey guys, want to run down to the F-mart for some F-dogs?" See, not every letter in the alphabet is as cool as a lower case 'i.' You could call it an 'iMart' but not an 'F-MART.' And I think in order to have the best hot dogs in town you actually need to be located in a town. Just a thought.

Puddle of Pooch dog grooming. Yup, that's what it says.

One stop shopping for all your shrimp, clam and lobster prescriptions.