April 17, 2007

Music: Berroguetto

I want to take this opportunity to once again extol the praises of CDRoots.com I've found some of my absolute favorite music on this website; stuff that I would never have come across anywhere else. Cliff Furnald, who runs the site, specializes in unique and hard-to-find folk music, roots music, world music, anything and everything you could ever want to hear. In the past I've gotten a lot of my Scandinavian albums from CDRoots but lately I've been exploring his catalogue a bit more adventurously. And that's how I got introduced to Berroguetto, an incredible band from Galicia (northwestern Spain, right above Portugal). I got there fourth and most recent album 10.0 and am absolutely blown away by it. They're a seven piece band: vocals, guitar, bouzouki, accordion, violin, flutes / bagpipes, percussion, and lots of other great sounding instruments. It's highly accessible contemporary folk music and I think almost anyone with an open ear would appreciate their arrangements and flawless musical taste. Click here for more info on their various recordings. And, just a heads up... I haven't gotten it yet but there's a brand new Ale Moller Band album out called Djef Djel that will certainly be worth checking out. Happy listening.