January 30, 2007

Fruit and Sweet Potatoes

This past weekend Sarah turned twenty. Happy Birthday honey! The big 2-0; another decade down; kiss the teens goodbye forever baby. Sarah really likes fruit. A lot. So Saturday night, after sitting through three-quarters of a really gross, depressing and just generally horrid movie, we went to Wegmans and picked out a bunch of the weirdest fruit we could find to cheer us up.
The little, hairy red things are called Rambutans. The green thing on the left is a Cherimoya. The yellow-orange hedgehog-type thing in the middle is a Kiwanos. The monster green beast on the right is a Uniq fruit. Then there's a regular grapefruit, a dounut peach, some red bannanas, goyas, sweet potatoes and pears on the back line. The rambutans were a really weird texture inside but they tasted quite good. The kiwanos basically tasted like a tart banana with seeds. Looked a lot like frog eggs inside. Didn't enjoy that one too much. I don't think we tried the cherimoya or red bananas but the uniq fruit was amazing! It's a lot like a grapefruit inside but much sweeter. My new favorite citrus by far. We had a lot of fun. But if there's one thing Sarah loves more than fruit it's sweet potatoes. Lucky for me I found sweetpotato.org We tried two different sweet potato recipes: Sweet Potato & Pear Soup and Sweet Potato Biscuits. Both were fantastic. The soup was basically like a sweet, festive version of tomato soup and the biscuits were extremely tasty as well. So that pretty much wraps it up I guess. I'm getting kind of hungry...