January 31, 2007

Birds: 1st winter LBBG?

Hi all. I was out birding this morning along the river from Phoenix to Oswego. This one gull in Fulton caught my eye. I'm wondering about a 1st winter Lesser Black-backed Gull. Obviously too small and slender for Greater Black-backed. Is it too small for a LBBG? In the photo below the mystery bird is on the left, a regular GBBG is on the right.
Any thoughts on this bird? Just a Ring-billed? It had the slender, long-winged look that I always expect from a LBBG. In the photo below the mystery bird is in the center, walking on the ice.
In Oswego I found some close Long-tailed Ducks that were willing to have their pictures taken as well.
Please comment on the gull if you have any ideas. I haven't been able to bird as much this winter so far but hopefully I'll get out more in February. Aren't Long-tailed Ducks beautiful?!