January 02, 2007

Music: Altronica - Vol. 4

Hello everyone and welcome to 2007. I thought I'd start off the New Year with the latest music mix I've put together. Like the previous Altronicas, this is a collection of some of my favorite Alternative, Electronic, Rock and Contemporary Folk tunes. I think all of the songs are available for downloading on iTunes. Enjoy!

The Flaming Lips – The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Song (With All Your Power)
To me, the Lips will always reign supreme in the world of wacky Alt-rock. That said; their new album is far from their best. That said; this is still a really great song… ‘What would you do?’
Electric President – We Were Never Built To Last
I absolutely love this band. It’s a wonderful mix of electronic and acoustic instruments and noises with lots of editing and reverse tracks. I wrote a blog about them a couple months ago. I think he was feeling just a little depressed when this song got written.
My Brightest Diamond – Dragonfly
Shara Worden mixes opera and alt-rock for a very unique and grandiose sound. This is a hauntingly beautiful song; truly out of the ordinary.
O.K. Go – Oh Lately It’s So Quiet
This is the band from the infamous treadmill video. These guys can really rock but don’t ever seem to quite take themselves seriously, which is a nice change. Lots of fun.
Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Daft Punk are masters of weird vocal effects. By the end of this song you’re head will be spinning.
Stars – Elevator Love Letter
I honestly have no idea what this song is about but Stars have a knack for getting you so emotionally involved in their music that it doesn’t even matter what they’re saying. ‘Elevator, take me home.’
Death Cab For Cutie – The New Year
Yet another incredible song off of DCfC's 2003 release Transatlanticism. The whole album is phenomenal but then again, almost everything this band does is phenomenal.
Ivy – Four In The Morning
This song has a perfect groove for both melancholy late night musings and lonely early morning thoughts. Sad and sexy at the same time.
Annie Lennox – The Saddest Song (I’ve Got)
I realize this runs the risk of being overly dramatic but Annie Lennox has such an amazing voice I think she pulls it off quite nicely.
Delays – Nearer Than Heaven
Okay, so you should know that the lead singer in this band is a guy. As in - not a girl. Male. So get over it. I mean, that’s pretty incredible singing for (and let me repeat) a GUY.
The Books – Tokyo
This is a cool, semi-acoustic track. I have a feeling that The Books spend a lot more time sitting in front of computer screens than they do playing music. Sounds neat though.
The Cranberries – Analyse
The Cranberries were a good band. Straight forward but different too. I kind of missed out on them in the nineties but they had a great sound. I like this song a lot.
Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You
Stevens always manages to set the mood just right. He says so much with so little; extremely gifted with both melodies and lyrics.
Tally Hall – Good Day
You all know by now that Tally Hall is the greatest band ever so I don’t have to tell you how amazing they are or how everyone in the world needs to go out and buy their album Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum immediatly!
Lady Sovereign – Hoodie
Here’s what you need to know about Sov: she’s British, she’s short and has an ego bigger than Kanye West's. Yes, she is a bit juvenile but hey, I like her.
Queen – Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
Why not?
Electric President – Snow On Dead Neighborhood
Another awesome song. Their album (I think it’s self-titled but it could also be called ‘s/+’ I’m not sure) isn’t like anything else I’ve ever heard. Check them out!
Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
What a breathtaking song! Beautiful vocals, horn arrangements, everything. Stars are one of my favorite bands; they find an achingly romantic niche on the very brink of hopelessness.