January 31, 2011

Snow Ball and more

For the past couple weeks Great Bear Trio has been out of hibernation and roaming the snowy countryside of New England...Checking out some Heavy Metal Boss distortion mandolinMom and David jammingBecky made us some darn good cookiesMom trying out concertinas at The Button BoxRachel and Jonathan had us over for dinner one night...
They seem to be doing well...Me and JennaMy WINNING bananagram...I also got to do a little (frigid) birding out on Cape Ann. Highlights were a stunning drake KING EIDER, a few Iceland Gulls, great looks at a Peregrine Falcon, Black Guillemots, Great Cormorants, Harlequin Ducks and more. My year list is currently at 80. This is a view of Thatcher IslandThe Snow Ball in Peterborough, NHThanks to all our wonderful hosts: Peggy and Alec, Will, David, Becky, Ted and Krista, Chris plus Heather, Jenna, Nils, Amy and August!