August 09, 2009

My weekend

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon here. Warm and humid. I've already had one nap but I might need another. Sarah's been in Ohio this weekend visiting her family. So Abby and I have had the place to ourselves. I saw dad on Friday; we had dinner at Mai Lan (great Vietnamese place) and talked for a while. Also got to hang out with some friends in Westcott and play a little music. Noah and I rehearsed for most of the afternoon yesterday. We've got some studio time lined up at the end of the month that we need to get ready for. The material's coming along pretty well. I need to script out the arrangements still but it's getting there. I picked up a new tremelo pedal that I'm pretty excitied about but I haven't been able to get it to work yet. I think there's something messed up with the power supply. Anyway, church this morning was good. I've missed it being on the road so much. Getting up at 6:30 AM was a little tough but singing and playing with Kailyn, Noah and Sarah (Wright) was fun. For lunch I had a tomatoe and cheese sandwich with one of the heirloom tomatoes out of our garden. WOW!!! That had to have been the best frickin tomatoe of all time. Crazy good. Next week Noah and I are teaching at a fiddle camp in Rochester. We'll have to leave pretty early tomorrow morning I think. Maybe I'll get the house cleaned up a bit before Sarah gets home. Sorry I don't have any pics. I'll try and remember to put new batteries in my camera.