October 31, 2006

Halloween Party

Hello everyone. Happy Halloween! This evening I went over to "help" hand out candy at Aunt Gwyn and Uncle Fred's. They usually get a ton of kids but tonight was actually pretty slow. Check out my cousin as a very force-ful Josh Vader...
And here's little Mr. cousin Joey as Micky Mouse...

Last Saturday we had a Halloween party at Ziegler's. It was a lot of fun! We had a whole bunch of food including Sloppy Joes, four half-empty gallons of cider, and Kim's grandmother's marshmallow/fruit salad which, despite looking like seagull diarrhea, tasted great. So, here are some photos for you viewing pleasure:

Kim and Dan, dressing up as each other. I'm not gonna lie... it was a little freaky.

Jon and Chelsie

Paul and Michelle.

Noah and Kailyn.

A gracious appearance by the lovely Miss Cara; always charting new territory in the fashion realm.

And finally, my favorite, the Party Princess himself, Josh Wright. Don't the shiny purple bangs really bring out the homicidal glint in his eyes? Okay, more soon but I'm off to bed now.