July 05, 2006

Home from Ashokan (W&S week)

Howdy-doo everyone. Now I've already written this post once and then I got kicked off line before I could save it so this is my second try. Hope you all had a good 4th of July. Great Bear played a set in Batavia yesterday afternoon (west of Rocheser). It went okay but I came down with a little cold a few days ago so that made MCing a little difficult. By the time we got home Sarah and I decided to watch a movie instead of seeing fireworks. Noah went to the ones in Manlius and he said they were pretty lame. But our movie was really gross and boring so we didn't finish it. Still, it was a nice day. I just got back from Western & Swing week at Ashokan. It was wonderful of course. Ashokan is such a great place, I just love it there. Jay and Molly are such wonderful hosts. I was on staff as the ukulele instructor which was kind of weird but ended up working out really great. I also taught begining classes for fiddle, guitar and mandolin. The first couple days were a total wash out. Tons of rain, lots of flooding. But toward the end of the week things cleared up a bit. It was lots of fun to see the Red Stick Ramblers again. Chas, Eric, Linzay and I had a couple nice jams. Check out their website here. I also learned how to swing dance! I think. Sort of anyway. It was so much fun though. The rest of this week should be a little more relaxed. Hope to hang out with friends and spend some time with Sarah. By the way... have I ever mentioned that my girlfriend is the most amazing person in the entire universe? No offense to all the other people in the universe but that's just my opinion. Love you honey. Okay, I guess that wraps up my post for now. I'm tired. Haven't had a full night's sleep in a long time (can you tell?). So I'm going to get started on that right away. Good night!
PS This is kind of random but I found these really awesome photos of a flock of starlings on birdingonthe.net this afternoon. Check it out here.