June 22, 2006

Crimson Envelopes

Hello all. This song is a little older than None So Lovely but it's still pretty new. I think we recorded it a couple months ago. This was one of my attempts at writing a more jazzy, swing-type song. If I remember right, I am playing banjo uke, several guitars, violas, vocals and whislting. Noah's playing piano. Like I said before, it's just a demo and still rough around the edges. But I hope you like it. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

Crimson Envelopes

All of the colors
Lining the street
Are called into question
Whenever we meet
The sky’s on the screen
But the screen’s on the ground
I’ll catch the train to heaven
Next time in comes around
I’m hopelessly lost
In the metropolis
Of my heart’s hidden highways
I secretly wish
To be free of the traffic
And free of the smoke
Free of the letters
In crimson envelopes

Watching my thoughts
As they played on the lawn
Games without endings
And all wordless songs
Then one thought struck another
I know not what for
But they all got angry
And started a war
Now they’re shouting and fighting
While inside my head
And they’re wounded and bleeding
While others lie dead
And when all of my notions
Have been wiped out
Then I won’t have anything
Left to think about

I search and I question
The things that I loved
My own misconceptions
Can help me recover
From all of the memories
I can’t forget
My conscience yet lingers
In days that I’ve wept
Tearing down the walls
In my fortress of guilt
But the towers I can’t break
Are the very ones I built
I search and I question
What have learned?
All that’s been loaned us

Soon will be returned