June 12, 2006

Baby Birdies!

For the past few weeks I've been watching a
Chipping Sparrow nest in my yard....
Out of the four eggs, two hatched. Here they are after maybe a week or so. Their eyes are still closed. Aren't they cute?!

This is just a few days later. Notice how their feathers have already begun to develop. Like most babies, sleeping and eating seem to be their main concerns.

They look kind of annoyed with me here, don't you think? Seems like they're pretty well feathered at this point and the nest is starting to look a bit crowded.

Later that day they decided to get out on their own. One of them didn't seem to have any trouble flying at all but this guy was still missing a few tail feathers and was in need of some steering practice. Mom and dad were still all over him though so I think he'll be fine. Best of luck little fellas!