July 20, 2010

Summer Part III: Random pics and stuff

The summer continues to motor right along for me. Got back from Grey Fox a few days ago. Del was awesome (as always). Been having a terrific time playing with the band this summer. We've got a bunch of new material that's really exciting and we're off to Falcon Ridge this weekend. Here are a few random pics...

Rachel and Kailyn modeling their respective parasols Noah briefly considered a new style of headwear from a
vendor at Grey FoxWe really enjoyed visiting Middlebury, VTBefore Grey Fox Sarah and I spent some time vacationing with her family up in the Adirondacks. One day we rented this big pontoon boat and did some exploring around Cranberry Lake. This was the much fabled jumping rock...And these were the equally much fabled Chocolate Chunk Pancakes... This is just a shot of a totally happening jam session back at Ashokan a few weeks ago. The gal in tye-dye is Eva Frishberg; a terrific songwriter and guitar player from New Orleans. Think she's got an album coming out soon (?) with her dad Jonno (who's playing the accordion)Sarah, Dan and I have been really getting into the German board game Alhambra. We picked up the "Big Box" edition (which contains all FIVE expansion packs) at our favorite game store in the universe, Goody Goody's in Saranac Lake, which apparently does not have a website I can hyperlink :-( Anyway, so far we've made it through the first two expansions. The original game was a blast to begin with but I'm loving the additional strategies that we're adding on now. There's a gazillion pieces and cards and rules but it's not really all that complicatedThis evening Sarah and I used a gift certificate for our anniversary (back in May) to have dinner at the Elderberry Pond Restaurant. It was a wonderful evening. The food was terrific; local, organic, delicious and free! I had a sirloin with pesto and Sarah had sea bass with blackberries. If you've got a minute and live in the area, check out the Elderberry Pond website. They've got a really neat vision for the place. After dinner we were treated to one of the more spectacular sunsets I've ever seen in central New York. Here are some pics...Doesn't do it justice, but pics rarely ever do