September 25, 2008

California I - From San D thru San F

We got back about a week ago from a wonderful trip to California. This is going to take a couple posts but it all started on Labor Day weekend in San Diego...We played for the Labor Day Dance Away with some folks you may have heard of before; the inimitable Wild Asparagus (you can literally only imagine what they sound like)
Our hosts, John and TerriBefore we left we visited the San Diego Zoo. It was amazing! Some of my favorite animals were the hippos, the eagles, the orangutans and this crazy pigeon We flew to San Francisco and met up with Dave, Sarah and Kailyn. We had the great pleasure of staying with our dearest cousin ElaineWhat a great city!One of our favorite spots to eat was the Squat & Gobble crepery. Believe me, this was just as tasty as it looks