March 08, 2006

Birds: Red-necked Grebe

Yesterday I did some birding with Sarah and Jonathan Calderon. We had pretty good luck... Northern Shrike, Hermit Thrush and other early migrants. But the highlight was this very-nearly breeding plumage Red-necked Grebe in Oswego Harbor. What a handsom bird! Sorry the photo is so crumby. This was year bird number 80. In 2005 my total for this date was 51, in 2004 it was 58, in 2003 it was 65, in 2002 it was 70. So after three years of steadily declining I'm now at a personal best (per this date) by 10 birds. Kind of exciting for me anyway. What can I say... I like my lists. I might be able to make 100 by the first Tree Swallow but it's still kind of a long shot. We'll see.